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My cat is my starburst.
Orange as the fall leaves
A childish kid
hopped up on Halloween candy.
He is memorable gift.
He sticks to me like chewy sweets
Stroking his pumpkin fur is a real treat.
Smack go his feet as he lands on the floor.
Starburst Kitty
A poem i created in a teaching writing workshop.
Alistair by demonnightkittyninja
The last of the series of Disney's Descendants OCs I made.

Alistair - Ali is the son of Anastasia and the Baker from Cinderella II. He lives with his parents in Auradon (in Cinderella's part of the Kingdom) due to Cinderella pleading with King Beast not to send Anastasia to the Isle of the Lost since she changed her ways. He agreed but the family is always under suspicion and watch.

Ali hopes that Prince Ben's proclaimation of the kids of villains coming to Auradon Prep will show that maybe some villains can be redeemed and that the kids are not always like their parents so that his parents can have their happily ever after without always being watched.

Ali is very kind and shy. He loves baking things and is one of the only boys in Auradon's Home Ec class.

He and Undine share an interest in creating things and he helps her out with Home Ec since she tends to burn things (rarely around fire where she is from). She loves the sweets he makes. They eventually become a couple.

Other OCs:
Melinoe and Deicoon
Jade and Killian

Made with AzaleasDolls Fairytale Scene
Undine by demonnightkittyninja
The third of the Disney's Descedents OCs.

Undine - The daughter of Ursula. Undines in myth were elemental beings associated with water. They were later made into water nymphs and are considered the inspiration for Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid. Undine looks a lot like Vanessa Ursula's human guise until she goes into water than she looks like her mother. She and her mother live in a cave connecting to the ocean.

She, like her mother, grants wishes for a price (although she has to limit the wishes she accepts considering she has no magic on the island). She is very good at potion making and has a major weakness for sweets.

She falls in love with Alistair.

Oh and the two eels are the children of Flotsam and Jetsam. The left is Flotsam's and the right is Jetsam's.

Other OCs:
Melinoe and Deicoon
Jade and Killian

Made with AzaleasDolls Mermaid Scene
Jade and Killian by demonnightkittyninja
Jade and Killian
Here is the second in the Disney Descendants group that I made. This time on two different movies. Disney's Peter Pan and Tarzan.

Jade - the daughter of Jane Porter and Tarzan. The left picture is her casual attire and the second is her formal attire. She like her casual attire more.

Jade would rather swing in the jungle, play with the gorillas and Tantor, and run through forests than sit at home and study to be a proper lady. She enjoys adventures, but surprisingly loves reading books......action stories mostly. She is on the gymnastics team at Auradon Prep.

Killian - The son of Red Jessica and Captain James Hook. For those of you who read the book yes I know Hook already has a kid. I figure this one is older by a year. Red Jessica comes from Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Captain Hook does have a crush on her (I blame my 5 year old nephew and his obsession with the show when he was slightly younger for this knowledge).

Killian loves the sea and dreams of a day he can sail away from the island in his own boat. He is a suave gentlemen who won't hesitate to cross you if it helps him fulfill his dream but he never does it in away his dad would consider "bad form." He wants to feel thrill of being at sea and hunting for treasure that his dad talks about in his stories of Never Land.

For those who recognize the name Killian yes it is from Once Upon a Time. I couldn't think of a good name so why not one that is related to Captain Hook?

And yes they become a couple

Other characters:
Melinoe and Deicoon

Made with AzaleasDolls Fairytale Scene Maker


will jump Zuko very soon!
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Wallpaper of choice: anything of Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundam Wing, Inuyasha, or Harry Potter
Favourite cartoon character: Sasuke, Naruto, Heero, Wufei, Duo, and Sesshomaru (Fluffy-chan!) (I love the dangerous ones ^_^)
Personal Quote: 'Bite me.'
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Boy has it been a long time since I've done a journal entry. Lots have happened. Good, bad, and okay things.

First thing I would like to say I unfortunately had a loss in the family at the beginning of this year. My big sister's little girl passed away in January at the age of 16 months. It's taken me this long to get up the courage to say it on here. May my little bunny play with the angels forever.

I went to visit the family in April (and got to visit my friend :iconkalinaria: who I haven't seen in at least a year) and my sister came back with me and my mom and my step-dad to England so that she could get away from her responsibilities and recuperate a little. She is doing a lot better and she left at the beginning of May.

I got into a four year college this spring and have started on my Bachelor's degree. It's in English cause I think I want to try my hand at editing books.

My best news of the year so far is that I have seen the awesomeness that is Rise of the Guardians (RoTG) and have thanks to a friend of mine (yes that means you :iconrock-leigh: ) discovered the joy of FrostBunny (Jack Frost/Bunnymund). Don't know whether to thank the friend or strangle them because they introduced the pairing to me BEFORE I went to see the movie and I kept seeing FrostBunny scenes throughout the movie because of it. Yeah thanks a lot Kahlany <--insert sarcasm here.

On the FrostBunny note I found a wonderful author on AO3 who writes really good FrostBunny fics if anyone likes it check her out at….

Also there is this story I'm reading and well the person has a Jack and Jokul Frost characters and it seems to look like they BOTH might be with Bunny and I was wondering if anyone is interested in making a pic about that. You don't have to if you don't want to. You can also pass this request along to anyone you know that might like it.

The fic is Frozen Winter on AO3… and it's actually really interesting.

Well that's all for now. Ja ne minna. :mangapunksai:

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Okay just to forewarn you guys this journal entry is just to let off some steam about something that has annoyed me and given me a MAJOR tension headache so you can totally ignore it if you wish.......Thanks.


I am NEVER putting up another Dress Up Game created OC of any comic universe (DC or Marvel) again. First I like to explain I do my OCs for fun and for myself. Maybe I let them go into fics my friends write but that's it. I have a basic outline of their history, just enough to make them interesting in the story and to give some people a general idea of them. Not a freaking detailed back story like one would see on a freaking comic based Wikipedia page!

I put up three Dress Up Game DC comic world OCs just for the fun of it and suddenly I'm getting drilled on them by someone I don't even know. At first they wanted to know things that were easy and I'd already thought of like why she traveled to Earth from her dimension (because she didn't want to get caught by her family and didn't think they'd look there. She was running away from a betrothal she didn't want and couldn't escape on any of the planets surrounding her because everything in her dimension is magical and those that can use it can see through glamours and she's part of the royal family on her planet and they and the guards can use magic and see through glamours) and why the names are in Japanese for her planets (because I like anything Japanese and it tends to spill into my OCs).

Then they wanted to know things like "Wait isn't dimensional traveling like hard or difficult or even possible to do? Since then it would cause others before to go there. Actually earth 1 is closest to earth 2. Then again that caused new earth in the comics. Um how can they even see through glamors. then if she is royalty she should have some connections to other planets, and can use that to escape. Why would batman even marry her?"

Firstly I'm a late 80s-90s kid. I grew up with shows like Batman: Animated Series, Superman: Animated Series, Justice League, Teen Titans, Static Shock, and now Young Justice. I know the history behind all my favorite characters and I'm getting into the comics of two of my new favorite heroes (Superboy and Robin III [Tim Drake]). So I'm technically new to the comic world even though I know almost everything about the major events like Infinite Crisis, Crisis on Infinite Earth, 52, One Year Later, Final Crisis, Blackest Night etc. from friends, internet, etc. To me the whole different dimensions, different earths and the entire reason for the Crisis on Infinite Earths gives me a headache to even TRY to explainand I've had more seasoned DC comic fans gets headaches trying to explain it themselves! Let alone explain MAGICAL dimension traveling.

Secondly I already explained it's a FREAKING MAGICAL DIMENSION. In the description even. Of course they can see through glamours easily.

And thirdly, why the hell do you ask a question like why would batman marry her? She's my OC and I like Batman and would like to see them together.That should be enough in and of itself. If I wanted to give more detail I would! They even had the nerve to say in the pic of my OC's son with Bats "if this was justice league based, I meant batman would be more of a couple with wonderwoman." Dude it's an OC. As in it's MY CREATION and if I wanna put her with Batman then fucking deal!

....I truly don't mean to rant like this but this was just something that annoyed me. I like making OCs. Hell I have lots of them. But I don't like thinking to deeply about them unless I'm gonna give them to someone to use for a story cause they're just for me and just for fun. I don't like being drilled like that. If you want to know more about my OCs fine usually I put up enough information for most people to be satisfied with but I can understand wanting more.

But please don't ask me questions to which I have already answered or should be obvious from the description or, in the case of the comic book world, ask questions on how the dimensions and dimension traveling is possible because all you're going to do is annoy me and give me a fucking headache trying to even thinking about explaining it. Hell I bet even most of the comic writers and artists can't get that information totally straight. There was a reason for them killing off most of the other dimensions in the first place. And that was because it was too damn confusing.

And most importantly don't question why I put them with a canon character unless you want to do a story with them in it  yourself. And don't EVER say that most people would put the canon character with someone else; it's my OC so I should get to say who they get to be with in any story their for or just for myself.

Ja ne minna. :mangapunksai:

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